Mass Save Limited Time Lighting Promo

The right lighting can play an important role in your facility. But, the wrong lighting can increase your energy use and impact your bottom line.

We have the perfect recipe for savings.

Energy Source, along with your Utility company, are committed to strengthening the community by helping local businesses thrive and prosper.

Your business is eligible for Mass Save’s Limited Time Lighting Promotion, where you can receive discounted pricing to upgrade to LED lighting in your facility.

The program provides generous incentives on LED lighting. And, since 37% of a typical business’ energy use is for lighting, these energy-efficiency upgrades can really cut your energy costs.

Cut your Energy Costs by 70%

We make it easy to save your business energy by providing:

  • A FREE on-site energy evaluation
  • Annual savings up to 30% of your utility costs

Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with more information on Mass Save’s Limited Time Promotion.