Energy Source Helps Beverly Bootstraps Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

With Energy Source’s broad expertise for energy saving solutions, Beverly Bootstraps reduced their CO2 lifetime reduction to 9.54 tons.

What you'll learn:

  • $2,400 in annual energy savings.
  • The payback period for the retrofit investment is only 6 months.
  • A wide range of project benefits include reduction of carbon footprint, operational efficiencies, and improved employee satisfaction.
  • Program incentives through the National Grid Direct Install program significantly reduced total customer investment.

“We had a terrific experience with National Grid’s energy efficiency program. It was well-managed, people were very responsive, the product was installed correctly the first time and the cost effectiveness was very important for a non-profit. Best of all, it has made a positive impact on our students’ ability to learn and succeed in their goals.”

Executive Director at Beverly Bootstraps
Sue Gabriel

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