Brandies University Partners with Energy Source to Improve Campus Lighting for Students and Faculty

Energy Source installed high-efficiency LED lighting combined with advanced control systems to cut Brandies annual lighting costs by 78%.

What you'll learn:

  • $32,270 in annual energy savings.
  • The payback period for the retrofit investment is 4.5 years.
  • A wide range of project benefits include increased light output, improved safety and security, and a reduction in operating and maintenance expenses.
  • Program incentives through the Eversource Commercial & Industrial program significantly reduced total customer investment.

“We were able to vastly improve the quality of light by switching over to LEDs. Areas that were underlit before are now bright and welcoming while using less energy. We were able to replace some of the old fixtures with half as many LED fixtures due to their increased lumen output per fixture. Moreover, the LEDs will last longer, reducing the need for costly replacements in that problem area.”

Manager, Sustainability Programs, Brandeis University
Mary Fischer

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